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Living autism day.by.day

Daily Reflections and Strategies to Give You Hope and Courage

by Pamela Bryson-Weaver

Published by: Freedom Abound, Inc.

A 365 day-by-day offering of words of hope, along with gentle and kind advice, for those dealing with autism.

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Under the Radar Michigan

The First 50 (episodes)

by Tom Daldin, Jim Edelman & Eric Tremonti

Published by: Scribe Publishing Company

A book about the people, places and things that make Michigan a great place to be. From the Emmy award-winning PBS show.

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Keeping Fit from A to Z / Mantente en forma de la A a la Z

by Stephanie Maze, Executive Editor

Published by: Moonstone Press LLC

Innovative Collection of Things to Do That Are Fun and Active (while also teaching ABCs and Spanish/English)

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Post Office Jobs, All New 6th Ed

The Ultimate 473 Study Guide and Job Finder

by Dennis Damp

Published by: Bookhaven Press LLC

This is the only book to cover all occupations including professional, administrative, mail delivery, maintenance and clerical.

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